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'Self Service' of Joy


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No - not THAT kind of self service..... coffee.gif

Over the weekend, in between rain clouds and storms, i managed to do the 40k mile service on the Avant (1.9TDi PD130) 169144-ok.gif

Having made the decision to keep her for at least another year (likely to be 2) and the 3yr milestone up and gone at the end of last month (no warranty etc.), i am doing the servicing myself.

She has covered 44k miles and has only had 1 AVS service at 26k before this one i have just done. I have taken her off AVS as i have changed driving style a bit (more shorter journeys) and think it might be a bit better for the engine on fixed 10k oil changes.

Total cost for the 40k at Audi £330. Total cost at an indpendent EXC. pollon filter swap £220. I bought all the parts for £70:

Oil (Motul from Opie Oils - 5l on offer 169144-ok.gif)

Purolator Oil filter

Pollon Filter

Air Filter

Fuel Filter

Seal kits as required.

Also bought some grease for the hinges etc. and folowed all checks as detailed in ElsaWin. I just need to do a Brake Fluid change next weekend.

Bearing in mind this is the first maintenance i have done on the A4, it only took me 2 hours. The hardest part geting the bloody engine cover off the bottom and putting her back on!!!

Nothing special to report apart form the fact that the oil that came out was AWFUL!!! Seriously dark and very gloopy. Changed after a good long journey back from Nottingham to Manchester though, so nice and hot and flowing 169144-ok.gif

So, a few notes beter off, i know the car much better now and really enjoyed doing it (odd aint i!! grin.gif). She is running like a dream - or is that just my imagination becuase i did it grin.gif


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Nice one! 169144-ok.gif

Its wierd, out of all the cars I've owned (and I've owned 4 brand new ones and one old one in the 3 years I've been driving) the A4 is the only one I can seriously see keeping long term 169144-ok.gif

I guess its because I've bought it so young, I can see myself 'growing into it' grin.gif

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mee too - although i am getting itchy feet - but the purchase of a place abroad has put pay to me changing really.....

If i wasn't going to keep it, i would have paid the premium at Audi to ensure the residual value of it is kept up, as it is fuly loaded with kit. But i think in 2 yrs (5 yr old car) and 100k miles it wont matter too much and i should be able to shift it on here / eBay no problems as an 'enthusiast' owned motor.

PS - piece of pee pee to service - one of the easiest cars i have EVER done! Great Audi design - especially the oil filter 169144-ok.gif

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