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[Audi A3/S3] Advice on buying an S3 (225bhp)


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Iam on the verge of buying a 2003 S3 (225bhp) (with 49k miles on the clock) and would like some advice on the following:

* The dealer has it for sale at GBP14,995, do you think this is a reasonable price?

* With regards to the S3 model, what should I look when inspecting the car and also what should I be looking out for when taking it for a test drive? is there anything specific on the S3 thats a tell-tale sign something isn't quite right?

* Also when checking the service history, again should i be looking out for something on there that will help decide if its worth buying?

Never really spent a fair amount of money on a car before, so a little bit nervous of parting with the cash to find I have bought a dud.

Thanks for your advice and when I buy an S3 (even if its not this one) I will be back on here for sure.

Thanks again.

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When checking the service history, check that the Haldex 4WD system had an oil and filter change recentley, I think that a car with over 40k should have had atleast 2 oil changes and 1 filter, someone correct me if im wrong. Unwanted expenditure straight after spending best part of £15K on a motor!

Other common problems are the anti-roll bar bushes tend to go quite early on the A3/S3. Tell tale signs are knocking noise's when going over speed bumps also i think some people have experienced this when turning.

Hope this helps 169144-ok.gif

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haldex is

20k oil.

40k oil and filter.

60k oil.

80k oil and filter and so on and so forth.

at 50K certainly before 60K i would strongly suggest to get the cambelt, water pump and associated tensioners done.

I would disregard Audi stated figures, prevention is better than Audi monkeys pawing over the broken innards of your engine.

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