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Long long trip....


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Well as you guys may read on the General cars forum i am taking a very long trip on

Friday in the Passat(3500 mls). As well as getting some general advice for the trip

i thought of posting this here to take your advice on how is the car going to cope with

this and whether i need to take some reasonable precautions to make sure the passat copes well.

Any advice is welcomed. 169144-ok.gif

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A small check list

Oil Level

Anti Freeze Level (when cold)

PAS level (when cold)

Magic eye on the battery is green

Tyre pressures

Tyre depth

General condition of tyre's

General condition of Brakes

Things to keep in the boot.

1-2 Litres bottles of engine oil

1 Litters bottle of Screen wash (concentrated)

1.5 Litter bottle of V.A.G Spec Anti Freeze

1x Empty Diesel can

2x large Blanket

2x Litres of clean drinking water

A few chocolat bars

and have you thought of a new set of wipers

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