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S8 toebar


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It was RichardW

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Finally, does anybody want a GDW approved towbar with detachable ball which fits the all the D2 A8/S8 (up to 2002). I had just fitted it to my S8 (in preparation for taking the caravan to Le Mans next month) so it is mint (installed but never used). The kit includes all the instructions, bolts/washers and wiring for twin electrics including the necessary isolation relays (so you dont upset the ECU/system)with the wiring loom cut to the correct length for easy fitting. I fitted it myself - you have to remove the rear bumper but it is an easy job and I now know exactly how to do it. I would like £275, which compares very favourably with Audi stealers who want about £1200+ including fitting. I will put it in the for sale section shortly - sadly it will not fit the new car.

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