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tomtom 5 map updates

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The thing is the time it takes to build the maps etc could mean that a road finished 2 years ago might still not be on.

Tomtom take a copy that they have to convert which is 6-9 months time. The map company also only add things after they have been checked so this can also take a good while for some areas.

Tomtom one has fairly recent maps but the 510 has later versions I think. Not much in it though. 169144-ok.gif

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Robbing bar-stewards.

Just bought the damn device and these roads have been altered over 2 years ago. Grrrr. mad.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Report the error on the Tomtom site and it might be fixed for next time. The mapping company relies on Councils and builders etc. to notify them of changes in many situations and this often doesn't happen.

The updates will also probably come with new features as well as improved maps so it not just the maps that your paying for. Plus last time it wasn't much, £50 or less which isn't too bad, oh and it meant I got the full maps of Europe with it vitually for free as well. 169144-ok.gif

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