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Rear Head Rests


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My 52 Passat Sport Estate has three rear headrests.

The centre one is usually left out to help reversing but has always been a pig to remove with the offside seat tube coming out with the headrest! It seemed that a locking 'spigot' was broken off the bottom of the plastic tubed insert.

Ordered a new one but looking at it I'm not sure mine was assembled correctly and the handbooks are of no use. Could someone post what should be the correct setup?

My headrests are as follows;

Offside and nearside headrests have 'pinched' rings in the chrome tubes that have one locking tube for adjustment. This works smoothly.

The middle headrest has deepish 'notches' on the opposite inner faces of both tubes with the offside tube having the adjuster that always comes out with the headrest. (This is the one I have a replacement for.)

However I now see that the nearside tube also has an inner steel locking mechanism but no push button, only a plain cap?

What should the central headrest really have? Should the locking tube be on the nearside or offside or should this headrest have two locking tubes?

Sorry for so much info early on Sunday morning but I would really appreciate your help! I have considered lobbing it out of the window but I would still have two unsightly holes. sportifs2.gif


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