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Location of Coolant Temp Sensor


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Hi all,

first of all am sorry for asking the same question over and over again...but I just can not find this blasted coolant temp sensor. I have looked in the places where I am meant to..back of the engine but I just can not see it. confused.gif

Attached is a shot of my engine bay (1.8T 20V sport tip)

If anyone knows the excat location please enlighted me as im going mad!

cheers 169144-ok.gif

P frown.gif


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Ok people..Im in serious need of help now as as much as I have tried to move the pipes I just can not creat enough room to get my hand there to remove the offending unit. I really would appreciate any help at all on this.

my car is a Jan 2002 model on a 51 plate. 1.8T 20V sport Passat.

I really do refuse to have top pay a dealer to replace this sensor.

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