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Advice on buying a New Shape A4 . . .


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Hi Guys,

My uncle is looking to buy a new shape A4 and I wanting to ask what options he could get for around 20k? He is looking for the following:

- 2.0 TDi Quattro - S-Line (170bhp ideal)

- Matallic Black

- Leather

- RNS-E (preferred but can be retro-fitted)

Would 20k get him most of the above and other goodies? . . if there are any cars on sale you know please let me know.

Appreciate any feedback/recommendations.



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SPLiiX is spot on - the Sportback is a cracker - but rememeber with the A3 - unlike the A4 - the sport pack is pretty much identical to the S line I think? You still get monster alloys, deep seats and sport trim with the basic sport pack. Save yourself 2k I'd say, spending it on haldex and a few other bits to make life easier. In fact, I still haven't worked out what the S line pack gets you on the Sportback apart from slightly bigger alloys - not needed if you have haldex.


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