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RNS-E Navigation

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Not full postcodes, only the first 4 digits and no POI imports from anything.

People put the RNS-E in for a stock look and to help prevent their windows being smashed for the tom tom.

The way I see it is this, ££££ for an RNS-E, factory look, integrated operation etc or £300 for a Tom Tom, then the fear of broken windows, damaged trim etc, increased premiums or the cost of the repair yourself.

Portable sat nav theft was one of the biggest crimes of the last 2 years.


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I have RNS-E in the RS, and use a TomTom 700 in the MR2, so I'm probably fairly well placed to comment!

My strong preference is for the RNS-E:

I like the bigger screen and the way information is displayed (eg lane indications at motorway junctions, and distance/ETA for the next three junctions).

I like using physical controls, rather than a touch screen.

I like the integration with the car, particuarly the auxiliary display in the DIS. It's much easier to find information such as ETA and distance to next instruction.

Points against the RNS-E:

It doesn't allow entry by full postcode, but only up to the final numeric (eg RG41 5). However, this is something which has only been added to the TomTom within teh last year. Whether there's a chance of it being added to the RNS-E features, I don't know.

It doesn't allow custom POIs.

You can't transfer it between vehicles and can't use it to navigate when out of the car.

You can't do your route planning away from the car.

Positioning of the TomTom can be problematic - finding somewhere it doesn't obstruct your vision, yet doesn't cause reflections in the windscreen. Also, reading the screen in bright light isn't easy. I have purchased a separate hood which helps alleviate both of these problems.

If the standard H/U position wasn't so low down in the console on the MR2, or there was some way of creating a remote display (as with the DIS), I would have had a go at fitting an RNS-E in the MR2.

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It will go down to the house number on the street however which pretty much negates the last two digits of the postcode anyway... Bit of an arse about face way of doing it but it does seem very accurate. For instance if I put my postcode in then my street and number it tells me I've arrived precisely 2 feet before my driveway laugh.gif

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Hey Nordberg,

I had the RNS-E fitted a few weeks back by Craigyb - great job wink.gif . I am so impressed with this unit - it completes the interior of the car. The Sat Nav has been used a few times so far with great success although it would be handier to be able to enter a full postcode.

I have loaded up a couple of 1gb SD cards with MP3's and all the info gets displayed on the screen as well - very cool bit of kit and sounds fantastic with the BOSE.

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