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Two New Boots courtesy of e-tyres


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Great service.

Chap turned up and fitted two new Dnulop Sport 01's to the fronts, balanced etc in about 45 minutes flat!

Took very good care of my alloys too and gave the insides a clean while they were off.

Good price too./... SAUER0421.GIF

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I get KwikFit Mobile out to mine while at work.

They are very good, I must say and also look after the Alloys.

Just replaced two front Pirelli Rosso P-Zero's for £112 a corner. 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

You sure thats quick fit!

Last time I called in - it was less than quick fit. I was thre 3 hours 20 minutes. They were short staffed. I spent 30 minutes locating the two tyres I wanted which were on the computer but "lost" - i.e. looking through the warehouse. They then spent ages fitting then and scratched an alloy in the process.

I'm surprised they let kwik thick fitters loose in any form of motorised vehicle... smashfreakB.gif

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