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'Piloti Re-map ?'


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This is very strange and so I wonder if anyone has any ideas about what I'm experiencing.

My GTI has done 12,500 miles and has had been fitted with Milltek Hi-flow since about 2,000 miles. The car is not re-mapped. Today I received some Piloti driving shoes from America and went out to see how they felt. They are very lightweight and perfect for switching between pedals. They also seem very sensitive because I could swear that my throttle response has suddenly just been turbo charged! But surely this apparent/perceived performance gain can't be due to a pair of proper driving shoes....Or can it ? It's not as if I was previously driving in heavy soled boots.

To further 'test' my shoes I did a few laps with my LogitechMomo wheel plus pedals in Total Immersion Racing on my Mac....And immediately broke my previous lap record....Twice!!

What do you guys think is happening ? Just coincidence ? I went out in early afternoon sun and tonight in the cooler atmosphere.

When a VeeDub engine loosens up surely it does so gradually and not suddenly.


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Magic Slippers and Cuckoos yelrotflmao.gif Very good!

Yes, I can understand being more sensitively in touch with the throttle. I guess that my ankle movements have unconsciously adapted over 12K miles to the shoes I have been wearing. Certainly cheaper than a re-map!

I think I just heard a Cuckoo again.....Hush!.....Listen.................................



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