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Australian GTI - what discount?

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I had a fleet company call up and try to chase down a car from a number of dealers.

Even he was surprised that not one dealer would give a discount on the list price.

Demand is so high, even now, that they dont have to.

Just for the exercise I got a price on a 2L Turbo DSG Jetta, and could get that for about $3k off, even though it was a brand new model, but the dealer would not budge on the price of the GTI.

I have not heard of one person getting any real discount on the price of the car...which is a good thing, given it will help resale values - think Mitsubishi 380, they give massive fleet discounts etc. and the car resale values plummet.

Good luck, and will be interested to see how you go...

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Managed 2k off from Penrith - Sydney.

No trade-in, cash for a DSG, Sat-nav, Bi-xenon, Red GTI.

Ordered in August last year (when there was a 8 month wait), arrived April 2006.

So there are discounts available.

I know a few other people that have managed discounts from them as well.

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Cheers for the info. Got 1700 and some car mats.

[/ QUOTE ]

Mats are standard, but 1700 is well done.

My dealer wont give me anything, knows I ordered months ago, and even though production is beefed up, and scarcity will diminish, tough luck.

I would do the same if I was him though.... Just excited to get the car. jump.gif

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I got 1800 off at Penrith last July. All the other dealers in NSW just laughed at me when I asked for a discount. tongue.gif

Parramatta dealer did offer first major service for free

There must be some more discounts available as the waiting list shortens. Liverpool VW have their GTI DSG demonstrator for sale this weekend.

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