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downloaded music onto Disc (not work in car?)

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did you put mp3's on the disc? might be the head unit not reading them... although saying that it could be thousands of things

i'd check you write a audio disc (should only get about 15ish songs, an mp3 disc will get 100's) and also if its a cd-r (re writable) it might not work as some steroes and i assume head units struggle to read them.

good luck!

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An audio format CD-R ought to work (CD-RW almost certainly won't). I always used CD-R in my Audi 6-disc changer.

Does the disc play on your home CD player?

Are you playing this on the Symphony?

What happens when you attempt to play it in the car?

What identification is printed on the CD?

What software are you using to write the disc?

Are you sure that you've used audio (.wav - wave) format?

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