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[Audi A3/S3] audi virgin


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where did you get your ipod connector from?

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I had it fitted by the dealer as part of the 'deal'. I think they charge between £175 and £200 fitted although the part itself is around £80 - 100. There is a debate as to whether the Dension one or the Audi one are the best to have. Mine is the Audi one (which shows the Audi logo on the Ipod screen) and it works fine.

There are instructions somewhere in Tyresmoke (I think) on how it fits. It's pretty straightforward as I believe it's plug and play - in operation the Radio treats the ipod as a cd changer; so with mine I have a 6 stack cd changer built in to the Symphony which is coded by the unit as 'CD" and the ipod as a second cd changer labelled 'CDC'. You operate it as a cd changer although you do it by having 5 playlists, each playlist being a 'CD". For some reason when you turn it off and back on again it reverts to a playlist number 6 but at the track you were previously playing (hope that makes sense).

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