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Cheap car insurance of joy!


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It's that time of year again for me, and although it might not be a big deal to some of you guys, it definately is for me.

I have to use my own vehicle for work, that's why I do so many miles. My insurance is, as a result, ludicrously expensive.

Here are my circumstances:

21 year old single male

2001 Audi A4 1.8T quattro Sport

50,000 miles/year

2 fault claims, both in 2004 (no other vehicles involved)

High risk postcode (I live in a drosshole)

My renewal with 3 years no claims with Norwich Union (through a broker) was £2700ish.

Best quote I'd received via confused.com was with Sabre at £1850 with £1000 excess and another named driver on to bring it down.

I have just got a quote and bought with a company called ecarinsurance. You pretty much do everything online, and they send the documents through the post.

Their quote and final price was:


I have just saved £750!!! I had to run the quote through three times because I couldn't believe the price, and wanted to check that the vehicle and claims and everything were correct.. and they were. I read every term and condition to make sure everything's as it should be with no daft clauses.. and it all looks good.

I imagine they might not save everyone quite that amount of money as I know I'm a special case, but they might be worth a try!

I'm over the bloody moon grin.gif

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I think I've already spent well over that on the car since I got it! So I'm probably going to have a break from modding.. apart from perhaps the wheels.

I'm very, very pleased. I also had just under that amount in bits and bobs of savings, so I've paid for it outright. So next month and for at least the next 12, I'll be £220 better off smile.gif

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Great post !! - I've been trying to get a sensible quote for 17yr old son, who has set up his own business and needs to get his first lot of business use insurance for an Escort TDi estate.

Best quote so far was an eye-watering £2680 !!

Just tried the ecarinsurance link - £1401 !! - nearly half price.

Very happy. Nice one shark !! 169144-ok.gif

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No worries mate! I put my girlfriend's details in last night, and they weren't so good for her! A good £150 over what she's paying now (although somehow she has VERY cheap insurance for a 20 year old girl driving for 2 years - £350 and that's with me on it!!) so I don't think she really counts.

Glad it helped someone else out anyway 169144-ok.gif

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