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GT40 (s)


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Yesterday was just one of those days...........

I was driving into Huntingon (just came off the A14) and I was in a queue of traffic when a Sky blue GT40 went past me. I thought WOW, pity I didn't have my phone handy. Two minutes pass, when a second GT 40 (silver and yellow) passes by on the same road. At this point I think to myself, "it's not often you see that" at this point I get my phone out of my pocket and put in in the centre consol, as I've had a couple of other more minor spots at this stage. Low and behold a third (Blue) GT40 starts coming towards me, I grab my phone, but it's passed before I can get a pic. Just as I'm grumbling to myself a fourth one approaces (silver) and I manage to get a sort of pic.... oh well... bet that never happens again.


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