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Well seems my luck this month continues - wheels bearing failed on front ps of A4 last night.

Audi Recovery - out within 1 hr, diagnose, cant fix on site so arrange replacement car - this is at 2230 - fantastic responce. COuldnt get A4 or bigger last night so I said to leave it.

Took it to Wayside Audi this morning and they take the car in, take a report from Audi Assistance and then provide me at no notice with an A6 avant tdi - top marks to both parties. Audi uk (so I was told) even said that if the hire charges were more than the standard allowances then they would cover this.

How can one organisation have such chalk and cheese service care?

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my a3 brokedown couple of weeks ago, called ARA and the lad was out in 10min! The rac man was round the corner from the hotel. Popped onto Flatbed from Hemel Hemstead to Teesside audi and new A4 FSI T Quattro was promtly on site.

i have had to call A-RA twice and have had fantastic service and very fast response. Hopefully the last time i use them!! 169144-ok.gif

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