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Recently did the cambelt on our A4 quattro T Sport.

Happy with job. £420 including new water pump and the tensioner bit was an old style and the whole lot had to be replaced otherwise it would have been about £350.


I booked it in for a tuesday.

previous thursday I learnt that I would be in hospital theatre on the tuesday, and not driving for about two weeks afterwards.

Spoke with them about delaying, no problem but....

They offered to pick car up from my work (Maidenhead)on Monday ( I got a lift home from daughter)

They agreed to deliver back to Bracknell on Wednesday - in the end it was thursday but as i couldn't even walk... who cares!

They delivered thursday evening, me having paid on the card over the phone during the day and the mileage worked out as I would have expected.

Excellent service, and no wonder they won an Audi Driver award for independent service provider.

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