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mid air vent - stiff???!!!


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Is anyone elses airvents really stiff to chance from allowing air in and to blocking...

It is this one in question:


Its really bloody hard work to change mine from one to the other, just wondered if its a common thing before I get it sorted out...

MY07 version

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If you set the Air-Con to Auto then it is recommended that you just open the upper middle vent and close the vents above the radio as it is supposed to help maintain a consistent temperature without the need to freeze your hands off.

If it is stiff then the whole assembly is easy to take apart and loosen up - just clip off the sensor that is in front towards the windscreen and then take out a few torque screws and the vent clips away to reveal the flap underneath, from there you will figure out what to do. Just make sure you do not lose the screws into the air-con duct cause then you are fecked.

If you search back last year for the instructions on how to fit the Dension iPod kit then it has details on how to take apart this area.



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