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cleaning nightmare of non-joy


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have posted here before about VW paintwork and blemishes that could not be got rid of......... until I discovered clay bar smile.gif

went to wash the car this afternoon - and discover a small dot of what looks like white paint on the bonnet - looked a little closer and realise the whole bonnet has small dots of white paint on.

check the side of the car - dots everywhere and splashes of the stuff like someone had got a paintbrush and "flicked" it at the car.

check the back - same thing


then thought "ok, keep calm, you have clay bar and it worked wonders before".

after claying the entire car (took 3.5 hours) have just about sorted the problem. No idea how it happened - can only assume I have driven through a patch of melted or just-laid road marker paint as it's also all up the front-left wheel arch.

Meguiars bowdown.gifnotworthy.gif thank you and also thanks to those in this forum that recommended Quick-Clay to me in the first place. beerchug.gif

The joy has returned - one shiny car again jump.gif

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