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fecking usless dealers!


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Thought i'd vent my frustration here after (or should that during?) my dealings with the stealers at Warrington.

Had the car in for a service about 4 weeks ago, mentioned that it was sometimes dificult to engage reverse, they told me that they would need to take the car in for a couple of days to strip and inspect the 'box. We agreed that I would drop it in with them the day before my hols (12/07) and leave it there.

However the car boiled up on me on the motorway a few days later (05/07) and I was recovered to Audi Warrington, where I waited 5 hours for a replacement from Audi assist which turned out to be a Peugot 307. I'm no car snob but we all fork out a lot of cash to drive Audis. Anyway my complaints fell on deaf ears and I was stuck with it.

As they had it in, they decided to have a look at the gear box, this 2 day job had now become one week, as I was going on holiday we agreed a date for them to return the car whilst I was away. I suggested they add on a couple of days to their estimated time just to be safe and arranged for someone to be at the house to receive the keys (also leaving a phone no. to ring if it wasn't going to happen).

A week into the hol I phone home to check up - no car -no phone call and a displeased friend.

On returning home yesterday I phoned to find out the score -as usual no-one available/no return call. Managed to speak to someone at 17.00 hrs (hometime?)who advised the repair had "just been finished" and promised the car would be with me this morning just before lunch. Got a call just before lunch to say that the driver had been ready to bring the car over when he found a fault with the gearbox and that they now need the car for another week.

Needless to say I was livid - they couldn't even say when I would get a courtesy car or if it would be an Audi!

After a few strong words with Audi customer service I got a bit of a response/apology and an A6 to drive until I get my motor back.

Throughout the whole episode, the service department never answered the phone once and needed chasing at least three times to call back. Every time I spoke to someone there was a different answer/completion date/reason for cock ups.

The whole thing has left me disgusted with Audi UK - might have to be BMW next year! Anybody got any similar tales of woe?

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don't get angry, get even.

Sit down and write a letter, outlining everything they said they'd do, followed by what actually happened. Times, dates, names. Keep the language neutral, let the facts speak for themselves.

Send by registered to post to dealer manager, and a copy (also reg'd) to UK cust services manager.

Ask for written apology and compo.

Don't accept their first offer of mints.

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