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[Audi A3/S3] Retro fitting an A3 Armrest


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its one nut just behind the rear ashtray on the A3 console which secures it to the car, you will need to cut the console i would think to allow the bracket to drop through.

good luck

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It is on the new shape, I don't know if the old model is the same.

I bought and fitted a centre armrest 'kit' (in a group buy on here) for my A3 and it came with a template to cut out the console - easy to do but you've gotta be sure once you drill that first hole......

Having said that it was easy and it bolted on with one bolt in front of the rear ashtray but it did need a 'nutsert' fitting. There were instructions with the kit, but I think I chucked them away afterwards.

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on the 8L1 variant, it goes just in front of the ashtray in a rectangle cut out, but you do need to remove the centre console to install the bracket, this bolts on with 3 screws into the floorpan bracket. I've attached a word file on how to do it from a mate who has the audi workshop manual, hope this helps.

Good luck


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