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Bye, bye s8


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Sold my s8 due new investment plans and got something much cheaper and older:

It's 96' 728



It's unbelievably smooth and comfortable so I'm pretty happy with it.

Also I'm kinda out of this forum now so I would like to thank all of you for your help and advice.

If Audi should stop producing those narrow D3's and goes back to wide cars I will return with something new FIREdevil.gif

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I had a new 730 SE with the straight six engine in 1991 and did 75K miles in 2 1/2 years. That was smooth as you said and persuaded me to buy a new 730 V8 in August 1993, then with the new auto box with 5 speed instead of previous 4.

It was the worst car I ever had with constant issues concerning the box, where after deceleration to a roundabout for example, when applying the power again to move off, there was an enormous thumping sound from the rear axle. Fairly regularly actually.

The local dealer agreed it was bad and eventually it went back to BMW Bracknell HQ for examination. A more arrogant bunch of numbskulls you could not imagine, saying it was up to standard and after all, "it's a BMW"

I sold it and bought a Lotus Carlton instead, which then was without doubt, 'the ultimate driving machine'. I'll never buy another BMW after the way they dealt with me.

Good luck with your 96, at least they had cured the transmission trouble by then, which turned out to be a faulty solenoid specification on the 1993/94 series, as admitted in the motoring press when your model came out at the 1994 motor show.


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