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Ther are some Feckers out there today!


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The 8 was at the garage today getting a service and new cv boots. I went to pick it up with my brother in his ford shalaxy, on the way there we had a slight altercation. This involved three buttcheeks.giffekr.gif in an escort/orion who simply barged their way passed the galaxy causing some serious body roll. At this point you'd think that we pulled over and exchanged details...nope! The three Asian chavs just sniggered and drove off in the opposite direction EEK2.GIF I ask my bro if he got the plate but he hadn't so in a fit of rage I gave chase. Caught up with w4nk3r 3/4mile down the road; he was a bit surprised to see that the galaxy could out run his rust bucket ford. By this time I'm teetering on road rage; I pull along side and tell him to pull over or else I was err... gonna call the Police so we can assess the damage and exchange details. Of course he wasn't having any of it, he wanted out of there. Just as he started to accelerate a siren sounded from behind and brand new burgundy Ford Shalaxy pulls along side me and the fella behind the wheel shouts at me to pull over! I did so cos he's the old bill. He was more irate than me when he got out of his mpv and asked what the bloody hell I was doing, by the time I explained to him what had happened the escort had done a runner. He realised quickly that he'd stopped the wrong guy and asked if i had the reg no. of the other car smashfreakB.gif

Anyway the WPC was paying more attention as she saw the escort dive into the carwash section of a petrol station further up the road after hesitating on whether they should leg it or not having spotted the unmarked Galaxy.

Anyway by now the cops are firmly on my side and run over to the twats in the escort explained to them that they had committed an offence and that they could be prosecuted. The Officer then retrieved his details from the driver and we exchanged at which point the drunken rear passenger wobbled his way over to us with a can of beer in his hand looking stoned and said there was only a graze so what was all the fuss about sportifs2.gif I explained to the f**k w1t that at the time I had no way of knowing what sort of damage he had done, and that in any case he had done a hit and run, to which he looked aimlessly blank iamwithstupid.gif

Cut a long story short the Officer gave me his details and said although he didn’t see the accident in the event of a claim I could refer to him for what had gone on afterwards implicating the pratts in the escort, thanks officer

Any way folks be careful out there today there are some maniacs out there; you never know when you might get chased by dodgy looking bloke in a ford galaxy grin.gif

Rant Over


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