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Dealer is unsure: Can anyone here Help???


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Hi there i'm a new user here, looking to order a new r32. Got a few questions about the sat nav which the dealer is unsure about. I am in Belfast so i dont think they get many cars with sat nav ordered.

Firstly: If you order the sat nav with ipod prep, can you scroll through the songs on the ipod using the controls on the head unit or multi function wheel?

Secondly: Is the dvd slot for the sat nav able to play cds?

Many thanks if anyone is able to help.

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Thanks for the help so far.

What freebies has anyone managed to get thrown in with a new order? I was hoping on getting the road side assistance for 3 yrs instead of 1 which i think is a disgrace.

On my mini cooper s i paid £100 for 5 yrs of servicing. Anyone got any deals like this on a golf?

thanks again.

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Hi jaKel, who'd you order from?


Sat Nav mightn't be that great in NI, I looked into it a little, and IIRC, the sat nav used tele-atlas maps for UK & europe which are VERY poor over here. Sizeable lumps of belfast are just missing (ie, the outer ring is on it, but if you turn down the creagh road, you're in a grey "no-mans" land until you reach the bellsbridge roundabout.

Also, when heading out of town on the Saintfield road, the coverage stopped at Purdysburn! Might be a little better now, but not much. Even Tom Tom was poor with only major roads on it.

The best of a bad bunch seem to be the Garmin portable units. Not sure what mapping data they use...

I've ordered a few weeks ago (only a GTI though) and got a discount, and quite a few options thrown in.

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Thanks for ur help UKLooney. The option for the sat nav says u get ipod prep, a usb port OR 6 cd changer. seems there is a choice to make with the sat nav. I would go for the USB if it means i can flick through the ipod and play cds in the sat nav.

Ranter, yes i was in with IA. i have used the porsche sat nav system in belfast and it works within the limits you said. but this car is now over 3 yrs old so was hoping things would have moved on by now. Will get them to lend me one with sat nav to have a play with maybe.

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I would go for the USB if it means i can flick through the ipod and play cds in the sat nav.

[/ QUOTE ]

you're right... you can't spec cd changer and ipod, it's one or tother. Another option would be to spec the cd changer and purchase an aftermarket icelink and concentrator. This will allow you to use the ipod (similar interface as vw option) and changer. You need to remember that you can't navigate and play a cd at the same time without the changer...

The USB option allows you to connect a USB memory stick instead of an ipod/cd changer, not sure how you navigate through the songs on the stick, but prob similar to the ipod interface.

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