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Rover Coupe Turbo - Nutcase


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To The Blue Rover Coupe Turbo Driver spotted doing tail slides round the Guildford University Roundabout! NONO3.GIF

Lord knows how you have a licence and are still alive let alone having not killed anyone else you complete and utter nutcase. The Public roads are not your own personal drifting track! espeically a roundabout as busy as the one at the Univeristy of Surrey.

You proceeded to drive at mental speeds and kick the back end of your chavvy car on the freaking roundabout. As onlookers in cars, parents with their children looked on in Horror! slap.gif Have you no sense what so ever?

I would expect a friendly visit from the surrey police soon enough as one onlooker (who was totally scared dung.gif as you almost lost it took a photo of you and headed to the station!

Had you actually lost it I think most of the chaps who saw you would have beaten the crap out of you for being a total ar*e.

Its people like you who give people like us (genuine car fanatics for the right reasons) a bad name.

you complete tw*t

get a life and grow up.

Rant over

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