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Nitrogen in tyres


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To answer my own question, a quick google found this.

Why fill my tyres with Nitrogen?

Why would you want to do this? The benefits of Nitrogen filling are as follows:

* Improved comfort of ride

* Improved safety

* Increased fuel savings

* Improved life of tyre

Nitrogen has long been the accepted gas medium for filling aircraft tyres, racing tyres and heavy mining and construction vehicle tyres. Nitrogen is used for safety reasons and to ensure that tyres are always at a constant pressure. Compressed air, the traditional medium for inflating car tyres, contains both oxygen (21%) and nitrogen (78%).

The rubber tyre is like a membrane, through which oxygen permeates three times faster than the nitrogen. The result is that the oxygen slowly leaks out through the rubber walls, and the under-inflation leads to higher tyre wear with a consequent decrease in safety and comfort, and higher fuel costs.

Got the above from black circles, my question now would have to be how do they get the air out before putting in the nitrogen? Do they have a vacuum pump?

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Nitrogen is more stable than Oxygen when heated and hence a better choice for putting in your tyres, however due to the condition that many poeple let their tyres get into, the less than perfect suspension found on mass produced cars, the state of our roads and the fact that Mr Joe Bloggs wouldn't know the difference or give a toss, its not likely that mass nitrogen tyre filing will come along any time soon.

PS - I use Nitrogen in my MX shock for that very reason!


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