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Genuine vag-com lead / software question


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Possibly one for Uwe or Sebastian

I have the Hex-USB+CAN lead.

Is there any documentation for what the different colours of status LED refer to?

Also how does the built in vagsaver work? (should i come across it)


instantly alerts the user if either the K/K1 line or the L/K2 line is shorted to Ground or Vbatt.

[/ QUOTE ]

Does this pop up a warning? or is it related to earlier question of the LED 169144-ok.gif

I used the search box on your site, and browsed/searched the latest manual, and drew a blank on both.

Many thanks.

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On your HEX Interface the LED status green after having it plugged in shows everything is OK. If the LED blinks red after plugging in, you either have a short to ground or short to plus. If you use Options > Test the dialog will tell you what's up in detail. While communicating the LED changes continously between green and red, this tells you that there is a communication going on.

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