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Passat TDI MAF Fault ?


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Wondering if anyone can help me here..

My 90K ml `99 Passat 110TDI is so slow I'm almost certain that something is up.. I've always felt it to be slow but always thought it had something to do with my weekend toy being a Golf R32.. However I had a Transit pickup truck loaded with stuff keeping up with me coming up an uphill sliproad onto the Mway today.

I was reading some stuff on the R32 forum about faulty MAF sensors so googled it and folks symptoms seemed to tie in with mine.

Picks up about 2K (a bit) then dies off again like its a non-turbo car and really struggles to rev much above 2500rpm will evntualy get to just over 300rpm but doesn'tlike it one little bit so I don't bother trying now.... MPG wise its fine just very very slow..

Also read about an N75 valve that can cause boost problems.. The MAF sounds like a good shot first, but is there anyway I can try to confirm this before getting a new MAF.. IF they're about £70 then fine, but don't want to shell out that if there is nowt wrong with the one in just now..

BTW, car has been like this for a while and nothing has been picked up on vag-com during services etc for the last 20-30K miles (2 Main agent and 1 specialist)

Remember reading that you can disconnect the MAF to help diagnose.... Is this right ?

Any help would be appreciated...

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