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For the last 4 years I've chosen to avoid buying cars privatley for two main reasons.

1. The residual values are never certain

2. The insurance costs for me as a [now] 25 year old have always been prohibitive.

The downside of this has meant I've often looked enviously out of a soot-chucking company 3 series at the blokes in the 'sports cars'

But after someone posted ealier on today about the possiblity of getting a good deal on a ex-demo Z4m, I did a little digging.

In short I've been quoted £750 as fully comp insurance which I think is pretty amazing seeing as I've got no NCB (in fact I've never had an insurance policy in my name before), got 3 points and live in Central London. Anyway, it's looking like the BMW could end up costing a very reasonable amount.

I'm going to look like a taxi driver / part time drug dealer with the E Class and Z4m in the carpark tho

Anway - moral of the story. Shop around! 169144-ok.gif

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The Central London hikes up the quote, but even if I insure at my house in Bournemouth I wasn't getting any quotes below £3k EEK2.GIF

The real problem is that I'm 25, have 0 NCB and 3 points. I really thought this would rule out a group 20 car but it appears not.

This company has some sort of arrangement with my Firm, which means that they can quote so low. I had no idea about this until I gave them a call tho. Being a chartered accountant doesn't look so bad anymore 169144-ok.gif

Anyway it's a reputable insurance company but not the one you mentioned. It's a broker for professional people with high performance cars.

Now I'm looking at some fast cars that aren't going to depreciate too much. Can't wait after having mostly driven diesels for the last few years smashfreakB.gif

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