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A1 GP in Manchester City Centre


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Had nothing better to do today so a quick trip in on the tram and what a great day it turned out to be. laugh.gif

The cars were loud especially from only 6ft away, not F1 loud but my ears are still ringing now put it that way. Thre were meant to be only going 70, my arse they were, on Deansgate they were getting up over a ton easy peasy. There were loads of Sky events going on in just about every part of Manchester today and even the weather wasn't bad either.

Some pictures of the day below - grin.gif






Oh and how could I forget the pit girls. smile.gif



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Must have been pretty cool! I saw the first race at Brands last year and they are pretty good looking and sounding cars. Didn't really follow the rest of the season, but hopefully reliability was better than in the first race. Lots of retirements due to mechanical reasons kinda spoilt the spectacle sadly.

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Yeah it was great very very loud, you should of heard everyone after the first car went by.. they started putting warnings out after that. jump.gif

They did about 9 or 10 laps of the course in all over an hour so plenty of time to see them in different spots. grin.gif

Oh and as I took this shot look who was walking towards me. John Surtees. notworthy.gif



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