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For Sale: Honda RVF400R (1997)


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For Sale:

Due to a house purchase, I’ve got to sell my beloved RVF.

It’s registered on a 1997 P reg, Frame number confirms this is one of the later (1996 run) RT models, but was imported to the UK in RR plastics.

Good Stuff!

Smoked screen, brand new and unfitted, supplied with the bike.

Over £1100 spent with Graeme France at the end of last season to get the bike in perfect running order, list below...

Hand Controls rebuilt.

New Throttle and return cable.

New Bearings in headstock and front wheel.

Graeme France Road Fork Rebuild.

Valve clearances set (New Shims).

Jetted and Dyno’d to suit exhaust.

New brake pads front and rear.

New spark plugs.

New brake fluid.

New coolant.

New side and rear tank rubbers/mounts.

New Air filter.

New Clipon.

Oil Change.

Bike has an aftermarket Reg/Rec fitted, which is running fine and has never given any problems.


Speedo has a UK replacement dial showing MPH, rather than a sticker on the glass.

Blue Flame round single port carbon fibre end can.

Avon Azaro SP tyres.

Attractive yellow rim-tape to match Force V4 logo.

Sachs Aprilia RS250 Rear Shock, professionally rebuilt by Mick Gardner Racing with 775lb spring to suit rider weight approx 13st. Fitted by Graeme France and full handling package tuned by Russ at Mick Gardner for road use.

LED rear side/brake lights, bulb only replacement with original lens, incredibly bright and very crisp.

Never dropped, raced, tracked or even peg-scraped! (I’m just not that quick)

Box of old parts changed by Graeme France, including standard Showa rear shock.

Paddock Stand.

Braided Stainless Brake Lines.

10 months MOT.

12 months Tax.

Full, original Honda Toolkit included.

Haynes Manual included.

Not so Good Stuff!

The bike has never been dropped or down the road, but my mate dropped his ZXR750 against my bike. Took a clean chunk out of the leading corner of the top fairing and put a scratch in the vinyl on the seat unit. - Barely noticeable. - I’ve glued the fairing pieces back in place perfectly to prevent any further cracking, but the finish at the joins is rough. Needs 5 minutes with sandpaper and a spray can to be perfect, replacement decal over the top and no-one would ever know.

As a 10 year old bike it has picked up one or two minor marks, these seem contained to the vinyls, which could easily be replaced/repaired if you wanted the bike in showroom condition. - Nothing noticeable unless you’re looking for blemishes.

The undertray was cracked before I bought the bike, as if the number plate had been pushed against... The previous keeper had reinforced this with Gaffer tape, but I have recently bought an ‘as new’ replacement, which was to be fitted when I stripped the back end for new chain/sprockets and spring clean!

Chain is at the end of its adjustment. Doesn’t seem unevenly stretched, just getting ready for a replacement, with new sprockets even though the ones on the bike aren't very worn! (Going to do this myself if the bike doesn't sell instantly, price will be adjusted accordingly.)

Rear tyre is slightly squared, nice soft compound and a motorway run to Barnsley didn’t help. Otherwise tyre has got very few miles on it.

Snapped stud in rear header. - Common problem, but easily resolved. I was leaving it until I put a full system on.

No standard end can. - No “race use only” markings on the fitted can, and just got through an MoT without the tester batting an eyelid.

I'm looking for £2800 o.v.n.o.

This is less than I paid for the bike, and I've spared no expense keeping her feeling like a new bike...

(£2900 if I replace chain and sprockets, £3000 with a new pair of tyres)

Pictures available on request. Test riders only if you leave your testicles with me while you're out!



[email protected] (Pictures available on request.)

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