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The ultimate car sack-truck...


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Huh? Do some of you wonder what a "sack-truck" is?

What I have been looking for for a while has been a foldaway sack-truck which is both compact, lightweight yet strong enough to carry a 40Kg amp etc. And one which, unlike Mariah Carey, will do stairs. I found a couple but they didn't look strong enough and I've had bad experiences of stuff which is just unbelievably cheap - A false economy sometimes, quite often.

This one is designed in Germany by Wolfcraft and has been very thoroughly worked out. I think the pics best tell the story - It's easily the best and most suitable for a car. I've used it twice now and it has saved me lots of physical effort. I don't have my own roadies though people often volunteer to help.





It cost something like £55 ex carriage. I ordered it on a Sunday afternoon and it arrived at 9.30am on the Tuesday. It has a 5-year guarantee and is sturdy and not too lightweight. I recommend it to anyone who needs such gear as being especially useful for a car.

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