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Trucker & bikers.


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A truck driver pulls into a truck stop for his breakfast, orders a full fry up, sits down and starts to eat his food. Soon after a biker comes over to his table, looks at the truckers breakfast, picks up a sausage off the plate and eats it. The trucker just ignores him and carries on eating. Then the biker picks up a slice of bread and a rasher of bacon and eats it, again getting the ignore treatment. Finally, the biker picks up the guys cuppa and has a good slurp ot tea to wash it down. Again, no response from the trucker. Eventually the trucker finishes his breakfast, pays for it and leaves without saying a word.

The Biker turns to all his mates and says, "Not much of a man was he!", and the Cafe owner shouts over "No, and he's not much of a driver either. He's just ran over a row of motorbikes out there!".

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