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if you want to give me a call i will give you the honist low-down.

snooper range

[/ QUOTE ]

OK. What's the honest low-down?

I've got one and I've only managed to get it running for about an hour on it's internal battery before it shutdown on a journey up to Manchester. Did the 3.5 hour journey back from CraigyB's on Saturday and had it connected via the in-car charger and it would just die after a few seconds. Gave up in the end and just left it connected but shutdown. By the time I got back to Bedford it still hadn't recharged enough to get a satellite fix and stay powered up for more than a few seconds. Hooked it up via USB to a PC at home and it took about 6 hours to charge. Haven't tried it again since. Not sure whether to even bother trying the hard wire kit to see if that helps.

It seemed to work OK, whilst it was working but was glad for my Micro RoadPilot as back up (even if the bloody thing won't stick to the dashboard for more than a few seconds).

Good idea and looks quite smart but the execution (in mine at least) isn't great.

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Got one and its v neat. Battery life about 3 hours but i guess charging and discarging should improve it. Good a t detecting fixed sites but havent had any mobile sites flash up yet. However I havent been anywhere other than usual route.

Techie I used the window sucker and it seemed fine. Currently Snooper are doing £99 for lifetime updates.. Well worth it if you plan to keep it for 18m+

Particularly like the speed sensitive option. So far so good. Will give it abash up and down the country shortly....update to follow

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Hi Fergy,

Have you had any joy running/charging it off the in-car cigarette charger. It just seemed to have no effect when I had it hooked up for a few hours. Charges fine off the mains charger and the USB PC cable.

Same as you, I got it for the better known mobile sites but it hasn't warned me of any, as yet. Even though the ipaq running TomTom and the pocketgps database seemed to be alerting me in all the regular laser places that I knew of.

So far, I can't say (other than the lovely display) that it's any better than my trusty Micro RoadPilot.



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