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A4 CD changer


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'Lo all.

My used (52 Plate) A4 seems to have a fult with the CD changer. Its an audi Chorus tape player head unit with a 6 disk changer in the glove box.

It plays disks OK and skips forward tracks OK but when skipping backwards it gets it pants in a twist. Seems to pause for ages like it cant find the start of the track.

I would guess that it needs a cleaning CD through it. However I am also asuming it to be covered by my 30day/1000 mile used car warranty.

Has anyone had this before. Should I take it to an audi dealer and let them sort it? I cant see how the changer comes out of the glove box to check connections at the back. And I dont have a cleaning disk anyway!

Any help appriciated smile.gif

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