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Milltek Sports Exhaust on TDI 130?


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Just wondering if anyone had gone down the route of fitting one of these?

Also wondering what other parts are needed to achieve this look?

Looks like the Votex kit, at the moment I have the "discreet" look which came as standard with the GmbH body kit.

Finally, also looking at the Revo Remap as seen here..

Again, any experience that you may wish to share would be most appreciated.

Many Thanks


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I had a look at doing the twin exit exhaust but from what I was told it can only be done to TDi's that already have a twin exit exhaust i.e. quattro or 2.5 V6!

You will be looking at around £700 to have this fitted plus the cost of the rear vortex valance.

The whole kit is the vortex - speak to Nelson on here; he'll sort a decent price out for you 169144-ok.gif

I'm sure others will come along and give some imput and correct me if I am wrong.



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