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Tyre Wear


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Just wondering whether anyone has an idea of tyre wear on the GTI

I know it depends a lot on driving style etc etc., but hopefully I can get a pretty good idea of the average.

Tyres I am interested in are the Conti Sport 17 Inch, which I believe are standard on GTI worldwide.

Would also be interested to hear whether anyone has changed to an alternative tyre with success.

Dealers tell me I should always fit the same, but at AUD$480 per tyre I would be happy to hear of a (cheaper) alternative if one exists.


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has anyone had any experience with Michelin Pilot Preceda PP2?

They have been recommended by a tyre dealer as a cheaper and comparable alternative.

Just to let you know costs for tyres -

Conti's - $469 each (fitted)

Michelin - $294 each (fitted)

Goodyear - $350 each (fitted)

All in Aussie Dollars

Be interested to hear back

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