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Various Audi (A8) / VW Bits / Garage Clear out !!


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I've had a garage clearout, and basically listed loads of stuff on ebay - Below is some more stuff that may be of interest to the dedicated VAG folks on here....

Everything has a real low starting price and no reserve. I've been hoarding stuff for ages and figure its time someone who needs it might as well have it !

The number is the Ebay item number. just pop it in the Ebay search field:

VW original Bee Sting Aerials:

with cellular phone - 130016322534

withouth cellular phone - 130016322575

VW 6 CD in dash changer - 130016313521

Oddb / Vagcom type diag cable - 130016313379

Audi A8 original Handbook - 130016313580

Audi A8 Sat Nav Plus h/Book - 130016313561

Audi A8 boot dividing plate - 130016313597

Blaupunkt Y adapter for Phone/3LB - 130016322629

Audi A8 Ski Hatch - 130016322673

Audi Key - 4D0 Type - 130016323487

Audi Key - 8Z0 Type - 130016455007

Sat Nav plus CD for Europe 2004/05 - 130017485967

Audi A8 Black Arm Rest - 130016313645

I've also got these which I might as well mention if you're still reading by the bottom of here (lol)

Genuine Audi 13 pin to twin 7 pin electrics connector for towbar

Audi A8 Facelift (1999> 2003) button for the dashboard for dropping the rear seat headrests. I bought it as I had a blank hole as was going to use it operate the power on for a Car Pc at the time...

I've also got a couple of VW standard stereos from a 2005 Bora. Mint condition.

For the Ebay auctions, I'll discount 10% of any final auction price to anyone that lets me know they saw it first on TSN, and the other bits I'm open to offers....



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