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A question about DSG's S-mode


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Yes move it when you want like when "getting ready" to overtake and it will probably drop a couple of gears depend ing on your existing speed.

When you press the acellerator you will obviously make progress grin.gif But note if you get to the kickdown zone/switch at the end of the travel and a lower still gear is available it will drop to that gear causing a slight pause before you need to 'hangon' grin.gif

Having despatched the 14 caravans settle to a constant speed and then press the lever and move it back into D I say this as I find it a little tricky and very easy to get N ! if its still under acceleration/braking loads

I only use S for overtakes and those moments on a Sunday when full power/full brakes/full power are required otherwise it can be a bit to frantic grin.gif

Give it a go now you've run it in 169144-ok.gif

You might also want to look at the recent DSG thread on the GTi forum ..... grin.gif

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It been 4 months having MK5 .:R and mostly driving in D mode, ECLIPSe.gif now i want to xplore S mode. So can anybody give me any top tips/advice/pointers of using this mode and whether or not you can between S and D mode while in motion?


[/ QUOTE ]

Yes you can between S and D mode while in motion.

I honestly don't know when S mode would be useful, if u want to drive the car with more venom, use the s-tronic setting.

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I hardly ever use the paddles/tip and switch between D and S all the time. Roundabouts, traffic lights, windy roads etc - just slide it into S, then back into D on straights etc

One thing though, you can be far less aggresive with the throttle than in D - then it is not too manic (which is what a lot of people complain about in S).

It has took me 7000miles and 5 months to find this suits me best.

PS One thing just to be wary of, is when you switch from D to S sometimes it will knock down a gear and give a blip on the throttle - so dont do it if you are decelerating right up someones jacksy!


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