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A4 1995 2.6 Quattro Gearbox/Diff


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Sorry to double post. Not sure of my way round the forum yet!

My 1995 A4 2.6 Quattro is the 1st Audi i've owned. It's done 135k

Recently i've noticed a vibration when accelerating that feels like a buckled wheel or a wheel not balanced but they are perfectly balanced and not buckled.

I assume therefore my front diff is kmackered as when i push the front drive shafts from under the car, there is a MM or 2 of play where they join the diff and the oil starts to drip out. There is far to much play where the drive shafts enter the diff.

How do i fix it?

Do i need to swap the diff ot the whole gearbox and diff? I assume there is no point in getting it re-built as this may not work, will be expensive and time consuming?

Advice please.

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