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Audi i pod connector


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Am thinking about having the Audi i pod connection fitted to my car, I have a symphony front loading 6 disc changer system with Bose, at present I use a tape adaptor but the quality is not great. Have had FM modulators in the past and found the quality/reception to be a bit hit and miss.

Before I do it, I have a few questions which I’m hoping someone can help me with.

Audi have quoted me a special fitted price of £180, is this good value ?

They recommend I put the lead in the glove box as the I pod can be operated via the head unit. Does that mean that the playlist etc comes up on the screen of the head unit ? If not, how do you know what playlist you are on ?

Has anyone had experience of the Audi adaptor, if so, good or bad ?

Does anyone have any other alternatives to the adaptor ?

Sorry for all the questions!!!!

PS I have posted this in the ICE section as well.

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It treats your Ipod exactly like a CD changer.

The playlists appear as CD1 CD2 etc and the tracks are just 1, 2, 3 etc. No actual song names or playlist names are displayed.

So yes, you just scroll through the songs/playlist exactly as you'd skip tracks in your CD player.

Mine cost me £80 for the adaptor..... I guess the extra £100 is for the fitting (Audi charge £100 an hour now).

You can fit it yourself though, it isn't too difficult when you get going, just looks a little daunting at first.

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