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Audi Music Interface for MMI (A8/A6/Q7)

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Over on Audiworld, there's a post that shows a German magazine article that suggests that a new Audi Music Interface unit for MMI will be available to order. It may support more than just iPod too, with the possibility of a USB interface being made to suppport a mutlitude of portable media devices.

Knowing Audi, this will be another factory order item on new cars, so perhaps an opportunity for CraigyB to get some more upgrade orders in?

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No the Dension for the A6/A8 does integrate with the MMI

[/ QUOTE ]

Huh? Now how does that work then? Without Audi adding code to MMI, media devices will either have to pretend to be CD changers, or will have to send a video signal and trap MMI wheel events, like the EPG function on the digital TV module, right?

Unless Denison are a lot smarter than I thought...

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