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MKV Build quality, etc - opinions, experiences !


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So, the time has come (80% on the way) to get a new car. The wee vRS has done me well, but I need to move the Audi on and so I might as well get one new car instead of two for the tiome being.

I'm quite liking the idea of a MKV GT TDi, 5dr, with some bits on it, but not having had any real experience of the MKV I'm be grateful for all your MKV owners opinions, experiences, bad as well as good, advice, things to look out for, etc etc etc.......... so fire away!


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Build quality OK, not as good as the MkIV IMHO.

Some creaky plastic bits, solved by increasing stereo volume.

One slightly loose door handle, boot difficult to shut without slamming.

All fairly minor though after 11k miles from new.

[/tempting fate] smashfreakB.gif

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Thanks guys..... but all a bit academic now as I've bought the car in question.

had a look over it, took it for a wee TD and I liked it, so I signed on the dotted line and it was all down and dusted in a flash!

car si:

MKV Golf, 2.0 GT Tdi 4Motion

5dr, Steel Grey,

55 plate, 14k on clock.


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Grill on top of the dash squeeked/rattled. (I fixed with foam tape). Fixed.

Rear quarter panels next to rear shelf creaked (pushed them in so tighten the clips). fixed

Door panel rattled (fixed that with new clips). Fixed.

Door mirror wissle (sealed gap between mirror and indicator with sealer) fixed.

Rear seat squeek (insulating tape round reat mounting to tighten fixing) fixed.

Don't think i have had anything else.

I could get real picky and say things like shut lines and the way the rear lights into the hatch don't line up etc.

Paint quality of finish on darker colours can be very orange peal looking varies between cars.

Alloy wheel corrosion on BBS made wheels but then all BBS wheels suffer low quality imo.

others have reported rusty hubs(Brake discs really) i don't find that a problem.

All small dung.gif you often get with new cars really and so does not really bother me.

Im sure you will enjoy your TDI though. 169144-ok.gif

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