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Xenon Bulb Temperature?


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HI, Guys:

1st post here, I am from Syd Aus.

Thinking of buying a GTi in Sep.

So, have been lurking a bit in here...and you guys are awesome! 169144-ok.gif

Now, first question: what's the temperature of the stock xenon bulb?

I's assume it's something like 4000K, can I put in a 8000K one? Can it handle?


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A warm welcome indeed!

The K refers to the "light temperature", as in "red hot" (which is a much low temperature that halogens/xenons).

The issue as to what the GTI unit can take in the way of a bulb relates to the current and power demands of the bulb you are intending to put into the unit.

If the bulb has the same power characteristics as the OEM bulb then there shouldn't be a problem.

If it is different, then you risk problems with the VW units - currently about A$1700 a set from here

You should ask the specialist bulb supplier if they will warrant their bulbs against causing damage in the VW units before you buy or get your VW dealership to provide and install and include them in the warranty ECLIPSe.gif

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I think the standard Xenon is 4500K

There is no problem fitting higher colour temperature bulbs, they are usually rated at 35W, but as you head up to the purple end of the light spectrum, ie at 8000k+, the visible light output is greatly reduced.

Good for shows and cruising, not much good on a dark country lane. 169144-ok.gif

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Thanks heaps for your quick response guys!

From my own understanding, the unit itself should be able to handle 8000K, though wasn't sure about warranty.

And, yeah, agree with @mikemod at 4500K the visibility is the greatest, so am just thinking somwhere around 6000K -- both lookin good and practical.

And, thanks @Snoopy, i will check out the yanky forums

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