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Running a 2 ohm stable amp at 1 ohm

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Ohms law.

<u> Voltage (V) </u>

Resistance ® = Current (I)

Halfing the resistance, puts the amp closer to short circuit and also doubles the current flow.

example with a 12 volt circuit.

12 volts(V) connected to 2 Ohms® = 6 Amps(I)

12 volts(V) connected to 1 Ohm® = 12 Amps(I)

works the same same regardless of voltage applied. whether it be 2v or 240v.

Not recommended.

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yes i would expect it to run hotter and draw more current.

So i would make sure its well ventilated, and that your feed cables are upto the job, with suitable fusing, perferably fused within 18 inches" of the battery or closer.

If its running then its either well engineered and over spec'd or pure luck.

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There 2 guage cable from the battery 120Amp fuse 2" from the battery then 4 way splitter with seperate fuses 40Amp fuse then 8 guage cable to the amp.

I would go with the well over spec, The best amp I have ever seen put together. Seen people running 18+ volts into these amps!!!!!

Anyway took the sub out rewired it for 4 ohm's It not as loud now but much more punchy and crisper on fast notes, it also more than loud enough for me so i'll leave it wired 4 ohms. Cheers everyone 169144-ok.gif

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