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S-Line 5 spoke alloy tyre pressures please ?


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Hi all,

Recently swapped the wheels/tyres on my 2004 A4 Q Sport 190 saloon from standard Star alloys to S-lines 5 spokes with 235/40 r18's and just wondered what pressures these should be at, as the manual and the sticker in the door frame doesn't quote pressures for this size of tyre, as they obviously weren't standard fit?

Have tried a search but cannot find what I need and Audi have quoted me three different pressures !!!!!


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Thanks guys, but really need confirmation from someone with the 1.8T 190 engine as I presume that this is lighter than the Diesel engines, and therefore may be slightly lower.

Unless Milo has this engine of course !!


[/ QUOTE ]

You're ok fella 169144-ok.gif

My car is a 190ps 1.8tq with 235/40R18's and pressures are -

36psi all round, normal laden

42psi fully laden

I run them at 37 (one for luck wink.gif) and tyre wear is excellent and even (P Zero Rossos)

BUB beerchug.gif

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Yes,they are on the door pillar, but as I have changed the alloys to S-Lines, the sizes on the door pillar no longer apply to the tyre sizes on the car. They start smaller and go to 235/45x 17 but not to 18's !!

Anyway, got them off the guys above now so a happy camper.

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