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Vag-Com Fault Code Help Please!!


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i'm using a third party lead at the moment, in the stage in saving up for a ross-tech lead. I ran the auto-scan and it came up with 4 faults, as follows.

4 Faults Found:

01367 - Central Locking Pump Run Time Exceeded (Likely Leak)

35-00 - -

01370 - No description, translate Alarm Area

01366 - No description, translate Crash Signal

00991 - No description, translate Interior Light

I found a site that has all the codes listed but in german, i then used freetranslation to help me, but it aint perfect to use.Can anyone please tell what the 01370 code is, and the 01366. Have to find that Ross-tech lead money fast i think, saves alot of time 169144-ok.gif

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