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Impromptu Leeds Meet


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Just to say I had a great time after meeting up with some of you guys for some good northern hospitality.

Good to finally meet Mr&Mrs Insurance John.

Also good to see Sharkster, Tony, and Mr&Mrs Sparky. 169144-ok.gif

Proceedings were thus.

Arrived at chez Insurance Jon, clutchin large bottle of smirnoff and a bottle of lemonade 169144-ok.gif

Sat back whilst IJ fixed us "pints" of Vodka and Lemonade.

Went to chinky for a good feast, washed down with TsingTao and irish coffee EEK2.GIF

Then off around the corner to Xscape where we carried on guzzling amongst otherthings champagne, millers, 1664, etc. etc. winding up with huge Jack Daniels and cokes 169144-ok.gif

I got Insurance Jon 8 shots of JD, topped up with coke and Ice in a pint glass 169144-ok.gif

No falling of stools this time.

Did I mention there was plenty of tomfoolery and a little bit of dancing 169144-ok.gif

Oh... and Sparky and Tony perving over the lovely ladyeees 123576-assfeck.gif and a few others too sekret.gif

Now I just need to find a few pics I can post lol.gif

Thanks once more guys, we must have another sometime 169144-ok.gif

Oh... and that Dodge Ram is awesome EEK2.GIF169144-ok.gif

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