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Turbo on its way out? or fuel injector problem????


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I have a Golf GT TDI 110bhp on a T plate. Over the last few days I have noticed excessive amount of smoke been constantly deposited when I’m driving. I know TDI's are renowned for dumping a cloud of black smoke when put your foot down. But this is ridiculous amounts, and it is under normal acceleration. The color of the smoke varies from white (when driving normal) to black (when I put my foot down).

I have noticed a slight dip in performance but nothing to drastic.

I have my own thought that it might be either the turbo on its way out or an injector issue. The only other thing I could think of is, the timing is out of sync, but I only had the cam belt replaced 3000 miles ago and the timing rest??

Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.

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